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Those test takers who did not pass the GED and have not received a GED diploma by December 2013 will have to start over with the new computer-based GED test. 


Congratulations for your hard work toward your high school equivalency certificate. To help you reach that goal, Ohio is awarding you up to $80 that can be applied to the 2014 Computer-Based GED Test fees. 

 The 2014 Computer-Based GED voucher is valid for 120 days from the date of this letter. The fee amount can be accessed all at once if you take all subject area tests at the same time. If you schedule the subject area tests separately, the reimbursement is $20 each.  (See chart below.)

GED Test Subject Areas            Voucher Value    Test Taker Responsiblity

   All Subject Areas                             $80                            $40

Individual  Test Subject Area        Voucher Value    Test Taker Responsibility

  Math                                                         $20                            $10 

  Reasoning through Language Art     $20                            $10

  Science                                                   $20                            $10

  Social Studies                                        $20                            $10 

In addition to the 120-day expiration time limit for this offer, you should note that the reimbursement is only for the first time with each test section and is not applicable to test repeats.

Here is how it works:

·        Go to to set up your account and get more instructions. 

·         You must also create a Safe Account at  This will allow you to check on your scores and have your certificate mailed to you.

The new legislation states the career-technical planning districts will make available and offer career counseling services - including information on adult education programs - for each individual who registers for the exam.


Online scheduling and registration.

More testing flexibility for test takers with the option to choose when and where to take the test.

Instant unofficial score reports.  Faster results mean individuals can apply for jobs or begin studying immediately if they need to retake a subject area.

Enhanced test security.


For more information about the computer-based GED test, visit

Questions?  Call 877-392-6433 or 614-466-1577 

Greene County Career Center Contact Information:  Dorcas Denger, Adult Ed Secretary,,

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